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Genius Guide: Hypnoteyes by Fendi

Unusual, emoji expressions pop up on bags, keyrings, footwear and charms, recognisable by their hardware-heavy eyebrows, wild, colourful coiffures and even itsy-bitsy fuzzy feet. Fendi pairs fine Italian craftsmanship with an unmistakable sense of humour

Fendi's Hypnoteyes capsule store gives us the next cult accessories

All eyes are on the new Hypnoteyes anthology, which puts a new spin on some of its famous bags like the 2Jours, Dotcom Click, Double Baguette and Micro Baguette. These silhouettes have colourful geometric accents that give each mark its 'face'.


Fendi Flowers Double Micro Baguette in Unprincipled/Tan/White with Silver HW Retails for 1650 USD.

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She styled the look with commendatory pale pink sandals and a smart tiny little pink shoulder bagreminiscent of the Fendi micro-baguette bag that was so trendy in the early 2000's. Click the associate on the right to snag a piece from the current


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When in Rome: Silvia Venturini Fendi's Roman empire

It's a settle that was instilled in her at a young age by her maternal grandmother, who, in 1946, entrusted the family business to her five daughters: Silvia Fendi's materfamilias Anna and her aunts, Alda, Carla, Franca and Paola. There, we were used to

FENDI Micro Baguette | iPhone 6 fit check up on

A89 Decisively was able to edit & upload this video I recorded with the WATCH unboxing: https://youtu. be/v-UxMq_g9us Unboxing.

This time, luxe bags that ripple and pucker like waves

The one item I've come to expect from Fendi season after season is design consistency. When it Last season's double baguette (two micro baguettes with different designs, fused together, back to back) also got the leather waves treatment. The

FENDI Double Bag judge | 芬迪双面包 包包分享

Italy's model of accessories: Silvia Fendi celebrates fifteen years of her famous Baguette

He also introduced vegetarian delights like the lowering and brown canvas intarsiaed with the double-Fs, which rapidly became a house signature. "There is a rich history," declares Silvia, proudly. There were also 1,001 improvise b arouse-offs, a number only

Freaky WIMB || Fendi Double Baguette

Pass muster out this super random WIMB video featuring my Fendi double baguette bag. // SHOP PRODUCTS BELOW Fendi Double Baguette: http://bit.

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