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Baggallini Hot Iron Cover, Black/Sand, One Size

Baggallini Hot Iron Cover, Black/Sand, One Size
  1. Lightweight, water resistant nylon
  2. Flap on backside to wrap up cord
  3. Velcro closure at front flap to keep curling iron or straight iron secure
  4. Heat resistant insulated compartment

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Take beauty rave: Baggallini Curling Iron Cover

Then the easiest travel hairstyle is an updo. Other times, however, I want to do my normal hairstyle even when on the road. I have moderately curly hair, but the curls aren’t even (and be biased to frizz, argh) so I smooth them out a bit with a curling ...

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Curling & Laid low Iron Cover by baggallini

Crew up a hot styling tool while traveling with our Curling & Flat Iron Cover by baggallini. No more waiting on the iron to cool down - just pack it and go, without fear of damage to the contents of your luggage. Features a impassion-resistant interior Flap ...

The Savvy Rover - Baggallini Curling Iron Covers

Conair Heat Resistant Storage Pouch

Conair Heat Resistant Storage Pouch
  1. Fits most sizes of styling tools
  2. Perfect for on the go
  3. Heat-resistant protective pouch

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Maximum price$9.792018-01-19

Curling & Unequivocal Iron Cover by baggallini | The Container Store

How do you chaste Baggallini bags?

Baggallini's midget accessories include mini-bags, wallets and a padded iron cover that holds a curling iron or flat iron. The line also includes a passport and credit membership card case featuring a radio-frequency identification-blocking lining for added security.

The Savvy Rubbernecker - Baggallini Curling Iron Covers

baggallini Hot Iron Cover

You'll reach for this oily hot iron cover every time you travel! Its padded, insulated interior allows you to safely pack a curling iron, wand or flat iron even when it's still hot. Pick from multiple hues and prints to twosome with your favorite travel bag.

The Savvy Day-tripper - Baggallini Curling Iron Covers

proceed in style!

Baggallini — which, you should discern, was founded by two flight attendants — offers an amazing selection of bags and accessories for travel, and the Hot Iron Cover has literally been a lifesaver. I also love the wristlet with RFID technology (take the ...

The Savvy Jocular bird of passage - Baggallini Curling Iron Covers

Baggallini Makes “Mignonne Luggage” + Giveaway

Not too hunger ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Baggallini, fun and fashionable travel gear that was designed by two flight attendants looking for the same thing. Baggallini was founded in 1995 by two ladies who had a fake need for lightweight ...

Baggallini Teenee Bag Look at

Below this is an resilient loop that Baggallini says is for lip balm, but I found it held my Monteverde One Touch Stylus Pen perfectly. Below the pen loop is a series of flat pockets. The top one, with by of the magnetic snap, has a gusset so it can ...

Take Closet Organization with StarOfMay

3. Using Curling & Lifeless Iron Covers by baggallini makes it a breeze to safely pack heat styling tools for safe travel. 4. The Cupcase Delicates Come what may protects and maintains the shape of molded bras. 5. The bright yellow eBags EXO Hardside Spinner luggage ...

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